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Everyone is warmly invited to join this day with activities or events: parent organisations, hospitals, non-profit organisations, healthcare professionals, societies, companies, politicians, media, and individuals. No matter how much time, money or manpower you are able to spare – even with simple things you can make a difference!
Even on a short term basis you still have the opportunity to organise a small or even bigger event for World Prematurity Day 2016 to raise awareness for the smallest heroes among us.

The typical socksline and purple lightings have become symbols of World Prematurity Day. The purple colour in the visual identity stands for sensitivity and exceptionality.

It is important to show the world the united voice of all those committed to preterm babies and their families: Please help us in putting together a complete review of the worldwide activities, by taking part in our survey. This way, we can feature your activity on our website. 

In addition, you can enter your activity and the difference you make on the EFCNI Changemaker Map in your native language. Once added, your input will stay on the homepage and can be read by many people around the world.

Please feel free to download and use the graphic materials for your activities around World Prematurity Day – but please also note the guidelines for the use of the material.

More information and material: