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Securely attached children are better able to empathize with others, develop more sophisticated language skills, are more creative and joyous, and are able to develop more flexible solutions in difficult situations. How they structure their own couples relationships later on in life is influenced by their early attachments. However, numerous influences, including trauma, can interfere with the quality of the attachment developing between children and their parents -- and between partners in a relationship. This book demonstrates how an understanding of attachment theory may be used in the attachment-based counseling and treatment of couples, parents, and children of all ages. Among other things, it answers the following questions

  • What effect does attachment quality have on sexuality, the relationship between parents, and the development of their children?
  • What effect does separation or divorce have on the ability of children to form attachments?
  • How can parents work through the loss of a child?
  • What effect do traumatic experiences have on the development of destructive victimizer-victim bonds?
  • How can these be treated?


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