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According to John Bowlby, the founder of attachment theory, attachment is a fundamental, innate behavior that developed over the course of evolution because it ensured the survival of human offspring. According to that theory, infants are geneti¬cally primed to form attachments with one or a few specific persons who provide protection and care, and who are able to recognize and satisfy their needs. Without at least one attach¬ment figure, an infant would be lost and unable to survive.

The Strange Situation shown in this DVD was developed by the attachment researcher Mary Ainsworth based on many years of observation. Ainsworth worked closely with John Bowlby, the founder of attachment theory.

The DVD introduces the various attachment classifications of toddlers and their mothers:
5 Strange Situations with securely attached toddlers (type B),
one of which is unshortened | 2 Strange Situations with insecurely-avoidantly attached toddlers (type A), one of which is unshortened | 1 Strange Situation with an insecurely-ambivalently attached toddler (type C)

All of the Strange Situations are accompanied by an original narration in German by PD Dr. med. Karl Heinz Brisch along with an English translation. Other film clips on the DVD contain an introduction, an explanation of the Strange Situation, and an overview of the classification of attachment types, narrated by Dr. Brisch. The texts used in these films may be printed from the DVD-ROM.

The DVD "Secure and insecure attachment patterns of toddlers and their mothers" is the first DVD of a unique series of four DVDs

Thank you very much for the excellent DVD "FST" on attachment.
The quality was very good, the filming was professional and the running comments on what was happening are very helpful. I will highly recommend this DVD to all my colleagues. (Arnold Goksøyr, 13. Mär. 2014)

The complete series includes four DVDs:

Toddlers and their mothers
Toddlers and their fathers
Disorganized attachment qualities
Attachment disorders

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Director & camera operator: Juli Lambert
Editing: Stefan Frank

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