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Prevention Project: SAFE®

SAFE® – Safe Attachment Family Education
A program to promote secure attachment between parents and child


Dear parents-to-be:

Pregnancy, birth, and parenthood raise many questions. Parents increasingly feel insecure or disagree with each other on what is best for their baby.

  • Do parents always have to be there – daycare, yes or no?
  • What to do when parents have needs different from their baby’s?
  • Where does spoiling begin; when does my child need limits?
  • What should I do when my baby cries or can't sleep in spite of my love?
  • How can I avoid passing on my own unconscious traumatic childhood experiences?

SAFE® seminars will help you become more assured with your baby. During pregnancy you will learn how to respond sensitively, promptly, and appropriately to your child's signals. This will enable your baby to develop a secure attachment to you. This is the best foundation that parents can give their child.

Children who develop a secure emotional attachment show, among other things, more pro-social and less aggressive behavior, have a greater capacity for empathy, are more creative and persistent in pursuing their ends, and exhibit better cognitive capacities and greater creativity in dealing with difficult situations than do children with an insecure attachment. This primary prevention program seeks to prevent attachment disorders and the cross-generation transmission of traumatic experiences.

SAFE® is aimed at all parents-to-be up to about the seventh month of pregnancy and is conducted in a closed group up to the end of the first year of life. Single parents may avail themselves of further assistance during their child's second and third year as needed.

The SAFE® program consists of four modules: Group course days before and after birth; sensitivity training; a counseling office or hotline; and trauma therapy. These modules in combination are designed to afford both group and an individual therapeutic effects.

More information about the SAFE® program on the Website: » here