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Tim Hinckley
ab 01.08.2013

Blog of a B.A.S.E.- mummy from Hinckley (UK)

"This week has been the end of an era for Tim, although he is only 10months old, because of where his birthday falls in relation to the summer holidays he is already attending the last of groups that he has loved (well his mummy has anyway)."

Hinckley Yummy Mummy

Life as a mum of two in and around Hinckley

What we have been taking part in is something called B.A.S.E ® Babywatching,  something which has been initiated in Germany and now moved to the UK.

I first heard about it in August, I was finally on maternity leave and was visiting the local Breastfeeding Cafe when I was told a little about it and given a leaflet

I went home and phoned Michelle while Tim was still just a bump and she came to see me to explain what it was all about not long after Tim had arrived.

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