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ESTD Kongress
November 9 - 11, 2017
Kursaal Berne

Keynote Speakers (November 9 - 11, 2017):

  • Prof. Dr. Dr. Andreas Maercker, Zurich: "Trauma & Dissociation in the new ICD-11: implications for therapy, justice and prevention" , Link

  • Prof. Alexis Jay, UK: "Rotherham and other child sexual exploitation scandals: lessons to learn for therapy, prevention and justice", Link

  • Prof. Chris Brewin, UK: "Recovered Memories in the Court: Implications for therapy, justice and prevention", Link

  • Prof. Wolfgang Berner, BRD: "Perpetrators of Sexual Abuse: What Traumatherapy, Justice and Prevention Need to Know", Link

  • Prof. Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela, South Africa: "Restoring Humanity in the Aftermath of Trauma", Link

Between the lectures (english) are symposiums and workshops (english, german, french).

"Call for Abstracts" and registration begins on November 1st 2016.

Preconference workshops:


Wednesday, November 8 2017:

  • Prof. Dr. Karl Heinz Brisch, University of Munich, Germany: "Adverse traumatic childhood experiences and attachment: SAFE ® - Safe Attachment Family Education. A preventive program to promote secure attachment between parents and child. Special focus on parents with PTSD and dissociation" (English), Link

  • Prof. Thierry Pham, Université de Mons, Belgique: "La victime chez l'agresseur : Stress traumatique et comportement violents ",  (French) Link

Thursday, November 9 2017, 9.30 - 17.30h

  • Dolores Mosquera, Institute for the Study of Trauma and Personality Disorders (INTRA-TP), A Coruña, Spain:  "Adverse childhood experiences and attachment: treatment with EMDR", (English), Link

  • Ellert R.S. Nijenhuis, PhD, psychologist, psychotherapist, researcher, author: "Enactive Trauma Therapy for Complex Dissociative Disorders", (English), Link
  • Kirsten Böök (-Stang), Senior Public Prosecutor (Oberstaatsanwältin), Public Prosecutor's Office (Staatsanwaltschaft) Braunschweig, Germany"To press charges or to remain silent after sexual violence: the difficult dilemma for victims and their therapists" (English), Link

  • Regula Schwager, Psychotherapeutin Zürich & Winterthur, Adrian Kägi, Jurist, Staatsanwalt Zürich: "Opfer von Straftaten: Wie lassen sich die Bedürfnisse Traumatisierter mit den Anforderungen eines Strafverfahrens vereinbaren?" (German), Link 

    "Preconference Workshops" can be booked without participation at the congress.

Congress language is English. The lectures will be translated simultanly in German and French. Symposiums and Workshops are offered in English, German and French. 

More Information: www.estd2017.org