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Training as Group Leader for B.A.S.E.® Babywatching

Babywatching in Preschool to prevent Aggression and Fear, and
to promote Sensitivity and Empathy


Responsible for information:

Claudia Di Muro, 
phone no. +49-89-4400 53454 


Please visit our Website B.A.S.E.® - Babywatching (in english): here

FEEDBACK from the B.A.S.E. - training on Wednesday 20 June 2012:

See what enthusiasm the B.AS.E. training with Dr Karl Heinz Brisch has started! People have universally been delighted. Here are some of the quotes from their e-mails:

- "Thanks so much for facilitating such a brilliant training day. Dr Heinz Brisch was such a fantastic speaker and I thought his enthusiasm for his idea was very contagious! I had unexpectedly seen my supervisor on the training day, so we have been excitedly discussing the idea together since."

- "Congratulations on organising such an inspiring training day yesterday- it was fascinating to observe the interactions between both mothers and their babies."

- "Wednesday was a delight! It was so positive to be among a group of teachers (by and large) who were so positive and buzzing with enthusiasm!"

- "Thanks for organising this very exciting and fascinating training! I am very excited to start off and will let you know how it goes!"

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In Munich

Sponsor: Clinic of the University of Munich
Children's Clinic and Polyclinic at the Dr. von Hauner Children's Hospital

The training will be in german language.
Dates and registration
: here


In Vienna

Sponsor: Bildungsinstitut des Interdisziplinären Forums für Entwicklungsförderung und Familienbegleitung,
Homepage: www.bifef.at
Tel/Fax: 01/319 72 17

Dates and registration at: