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Draft proposal for the Infant Rights Declaration  Introduction

Draft proposal for the Infant Rights Declaration Introduction

The creation of WAIMH was, in itself, a declaration of the infant's rights for 3 mental health, as reflected in its 5 purposes described in the bylaws: "The ASSOCIATION has been organized to operate exclusively for scientific, charitable and educational purposes as follows: To operate exclusively for charitable, scientific and educational purposes, and more specifically to research and study throughout the world, the mental development and mental disorder in children from conception through three years of age; » more

Perspectives in Infant Mental Health

Professional Publication of the World Association for Infant Mental Health

Responsibility for Children under the Age of Three Years Recommendations of the German-Speaking Association for Infant Mental Health (GAIMH) for the care and teaching of infants and toddlers in daycare centers

By GAIMH Board of Directors, Karl Heinz Brisch, Maria Mögel, Heidi Simoni, Barbara von Kalckreuth, Katharina Kruppa (with the assistance of Anna von Ditfurth and Jeremy Hellmann)

(Vol. 20 No. 3-4 | July - December 2012)


Infant crying and sleeping in London, Copenhagen and when parents adopt a "proximal" form of care.

St. James-Roberts, I., M. Alvarez, E. Csipke, T. Abramsky, J. Goodwin und E. Sorgenfrei (2006): Pediatrics, 117, 1146-1155. » mehr