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The Roots of Empathy and Love.

IAIM 10th International Educational Conference and GA (Association of Infant Massage (UK) Chapter)

German CIMI and trainer, Ute Laves, introduced Dr Brisch at the International Educational Conference of the IAIM in London. In December 2010, the German Chapter of the IAIM met with Dr Brisch to plan further connections. more

For more information about the conference please visit our website: www.iaim.org.uk

Publications about SAFE® and B.A.S.E.® Babywatching:

Original publication:
Brisch, K. H. (2007). Prävention von emotionalen und Bindungsstörungen. In von Suchodoletz
(Ed.), Prävention von Entwicklungsstörungen (pp. 167-181). Göttingen: Hogrefe.
Translation by Kenneth Kronenberg:
Brisch, K. H.(2007), The prevention of emotional and attachment disorders. In von Sucholotetz,
W. (Ed.), The Prevention of Developmental Disorders. Göttingen: Hogrefe/Germany


Infant crying and sleeping in London, Copenhagen and when parents adopt a "proximal" form of care.

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