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Flyer for the SAFE® - Mentor Training (English)

SAFE® is a training program to enhance a secure attachment between parents an children. The SAFE® mentor training is composed of 4 training days, which include theoretical as well as practical elements. Therefore excerices in small groups will be applied.

Working with  video-feedback in terms of a sensitivity training is a main focus. You will have the opportunity to empathize with the parents as well as course instructor by experiencing a SAFE®- group through role plays.

Additionally, you will learn to apply the Adult Attachment Interview and different trauma-questionnaires to assess traumatic experiences in the life histories of the parents.

Therefore there is a certain self-awareness experience in the SAFE®-mentor training included regarding your own attachment history. In addition, stabilisation and imaginatory exercises to reactivate inner resources will be trained.

This flyer includes informations about the SAFE® -Mentor Training and a contact sheet: download