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B.A.S.E.® - Babywatching/ plus DVDs

This folder informs about the B.A.S.E.® Education "Training as B.A.S.E.® group leader", "Advanced education as B.A.S.E.® - mentor" and "Advanced education as B.A.S.E.® - trainer". It further includes information about the two DVDs "B.A.S.E.® Babywatching at preschool" and "B.A.S.E.® Babywatching at school".

Education in B.A.S.E.®

Training for B.A.S.E.® group leaders
This B.A.S.E.® Babywatching training seminar is designed for staff employed at early childhood educational institutions, and for elementary school teachers. In addition to becoming familiar with the theory behind B.A.S.E®, participants will learn about and practice the specialized B.A.S.E® method of questioning based on videotape examples and live interaction with a mother and her baby.

Continuing training for B.A.S.E.® mentors
Continuing training for B.A.S.E.® mentors is primarily aimed at B.A.S.E® group facilitators who have already gained some experience with the B.A.S.E® method. B.A.S.E® mentors assist and supervise B.A.S.E® group facilitators in their work with B.A.S.E® Babywatching.

Continuing education for B.A.S.E.® trainers

B.A.S.E.® trainers are qualified to train future B.A.S.E.® group leaders and B.A.S.E.® mentors. The contents will be introduced and practiced with the help of videotaped interactions and live demonstrations. We will discuss how the training groups are conducted as well as problems and difficulties that may arise.
You have been trained in the contents and in how to conduct training groups, and you understand the problems and difficulties that can arise.


Info  DVD  B.A.S.E.® in preschool
This DVD contains three films and is primarily aimed at preschool educators, preschool principals, and teachers, but it may also be used to inform and interest new mothers and fathers (along with their babies).

Info DVD  B.A.S.E.® in school
B.A.S.E.® Babywatching in School DVD is primarily aimed at elementary school teachers, headmasters and headmistresses, and other persons who are interested in implementing prevention programs in schools. But it may also be used to inform and interest new mothers and fathers (along with their babies).


Enthusiastic feedback about the DVD from an author:

I finally had a chance to look at the Babywatching DVD around Christmas, and I think it's great! Hannah looked at it with me, and for all of her 6 years, she was interested too. Sweet, how the children talk... and the amazement on their faces. I also thought the interviews were fascinating -how the facilitators and the mothers perceived the sessions. Congratulations on this most informative DVD!

Folder (about B.A.S.E.® Education and B.A.S.E.® Info DVDs): download

Price of the DVD: 29,75 Euro (19% VAUT included)

Plus shipping costs (Porto und handling) :
- For Germany            :  5,95 € (19% VAUT included)
- For foreign countries: 11,90 € (19% VAUT included)