Prevention Project: B.A.S.E.®-Babywatching


Babywatching in nursery school and elementary school to counter aggression and fear and to foster sensitivity and empathy

In the 1980s, aggression researcher Henri Parens, working in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, conducted studies to prevent aggressive behavioral disorders in preschool children. The "B.A.S.E.® Babywatching in nursery school and elementary school to counter aggression and fear and to foster sensitivity and empathy" prevention program is based on his experiences. It was developed by the Munich attachment researcher PD Dr. med. Karl Heinz Brisch at the Children's Clinic and Polyclinic at the Dr. von Hauner Children's Hospital at the University of Munich.

What B.A.S.E.® consists of

A mother visits a nursery school group or elementary school class with a newborn once per week for an entire year. Sitting in a circle, the children experience how the baby grows from week to week until she is able to walk on her own. With facilitation from a B.A.S.E.® group facilitator, they become increasingly better able through weekly interaction and observation to empathize with the emotions and motivations of both mother and infant. For many only children, this will be the first and often only chance to observe milestones in the development of a baby over her entire first year of life.
Results to date have shown that this method increases children's capacity for empathy. They then begin to transfer this capacity to everyday situations with their friends by enabling them to be more sensitive and less fearful with each other.

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Babywatching Against Aggression and Anxiety, for Sensitivity and Empathy

Date: Wednesday 20 June 2012, Registration 9.30 for 10.00 am - 4.30 pm
At the Laycock Centre, Laycock Street, Highbury and Islington, London N1 1TH

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See what enthusiasm the B.AS.E. training with Dr Karl Heinz Brisch has started! People have universally been delighted. Here are some of the quotes from their e-mails:

- "Thanks so much for facilitating such a brilliant training day. Dr Heinz Brisch was such a fantastic speaker and I thought his enthusiasm for his idea was very contagious! I had unexpectedly seen my supervisor on the training day, so we have been excitedly discussing the idea together since."

- "Congratulations on organising such an inspiring training day yesterday- it was fascinating to observe the interactions between both mothers and their babies."

- "Wednesday was a delight! It was so positive to be among a group of teachers (by and large) who were so positive and buzzing with enthusiasm!"

- "Thanks for organising this very exciting and fascinating training! I am very excited to start off and will let you know how it goes!"

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