Karl Heinz Brisch

Secure attachment from the beginning...

The development of a secure attachment between parents and child is the ideal foundation for the healthy physical, psychological, and social development of the child. It is therefore crucial that we make every effort to support parents as well as children in their earliest developmental phases to ensure that this important developmental step is successfully accomplished. — Karl Heinz Brisch

Projects for early childhood prevention


SAFE® -  Safe Attachment Formation for Educators

A training program to promote secure attachment between parents and child.

Children who develop a secure emotional attachment show, among other things, more pro-social and less aggressive behavior, have a greater capacity for empathy, are more creative and persistent in pursuing their ends, and exhibit better cognitive capacities and greater creativity in dealing with difficult situations than do children with an insecure attachment. This primary prevention program seeks to prevent attachment disorders and the cross-generation transmission of traumatic experiences. » more

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Babywatching in preschool and elementary school against aggression and fear to promote sensitivity and empathie.

In the 1980s, aggression researcher Henri Parens, working in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, conducted studies to prevent aggressive behavioral disorders in preschool children. The "B.A.S.E.® Babywatching in nursery school and elementary school to counter aggression and fear and to foster sensitivity and empathy" prevention program is based on his experiences. It was developed by the Munich attachment researcher PD Dr. med. Karl Heinz Brisch at the Children's Clinic and Polyclinic at the Dr. von Hauner Children's Hospital at the University of Munich. » more

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